Friday, July 3, 2015

Arrived, it has

The watch face has scratches and one of the watch band post holes is stripped (super glue!) but for $100, it will do nicely. In retrospect I should have gotten this (maybe the sapphire?) from the start, as it has a number of features I think are great - barometer, altimeter, thermometer, GPS map, ant+ power, and not being electric blue. I will say that hands down, even in the used state I have it, it whups the Garmin soundly. I said it before, I just don't care about the BTLE connectivity, and I never used the underwater heart rate monitoring. I DO like the recovery features on the 3S, as well as the sleep recovery test, and since I already own it, I may just keep it around for that and whatever neat features they add in the future. However, this Ambit2 cost me less that the dual ant\BTLE powertap cap would have, and it works with (almost) all the gear I have, save for the foot pod, but I don't have any issues getting an ant+ foot pod in the future.

Now back to training!

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