Thursday, April 24, 2014

Rest, young lad

Being on vacation for a week, I took a week off from any workouts. I wasn't lazy, and did a fair amount of walking, but I gave my body a chance to rest. I'm an idiot. Every time I rest I come back to swimming, biking, and running and remark to myself, "Self, you're quite a bit stronger!". Duh. In preparation for the Mighty Cow next week, I plan on not running a lot. I'll swim instead and eat sparingly. I look at the schedule I'd concocted for myself for the iron distance I was previously planning, and it stands out starkly how little rest I was giving myself. A 'rest' week was 8 hours of training, as opposed to 12-18. I was driving myself into a wall!

Friday, April 11, 2014

April showers

The weather is finally nice enough to run outside, and I've been taking full advantage. I have trouble breathing in the cold, and I just arbitrarily decided not to bother running outside unless it's above 50 degrees. Seems to work. All the treadmill work seems to have been worth it again, and I'm bounding around quicker than last year at this time. I'm still not a great runner, and likely never will be given my frame, but I don't need to make any excuses any more. I've been running for 4 years now, and I actually enjoy it, which of course means I've gotten better at it.

Played around with the bike and switched saddles back to my Profile Design Tri Stryke. Felt faster, so I tested it...yeah, it is, about 10 watts so, owing to there being no pain in the groin from the Adamo. I have traded the Road model with another guy for the Prologue model, which is narrower - I'll see if that makes it better. Otherwise, I'll take the occasional numbness for the otherwise very comfortable saddle that wasn't really broken in the first place.

Swimming has been fun lately, I'm thrilled with the Vendetta, which I tried out in the pool the other night and promptly ripped out a few 1:10 100scy reps. Yikes, that's fantastic. I need to do some more work with the pull buoy apparently! The gain shouldn't be *that* dramatic. Not that I'm complaining, I never thought I'd see that time on my watch after a 100. I'm having an internal debate now about Roka Sim shorts, instead of the pull buoy, just so I can keep kicking and not stress the groin muscles when using it. Probably an excessive solution to a small problem, I'm better off just continuing on with what I've been doing, which seems to be working.

Getting antsy to start racing and putting it all together again.