Friday, June 26, 2015

Ambit 2 on its way

In a way, this is an update on my Ambit 3S purchase; I've just bought a used Ambit 2, on its way to me from Texas. The reason for it is simple  - I've grown to like having the watch when I race, and for my most critical race, the 3S will run out of battery charge at some point during the run. The 2 has everything the 3 does except:

  • Bluetooth smart connectivity, which after using for the past several months I've decided isn't all that neat. Nice to be able to sync to my phone? Sure, but not necessary. Annoying to not have the ability to record my power meter? Yes, this has, over time, pissed me off. Is there any use for the notifications from my phone? No. If I get them, it means my phone is right there, and I just use my phone! Annoying that I was only able to find ONE type of footpod to work with it? Yes. But, all that said, now that I have the footpod, it's fine.
  • Underwater heart rate capture. I have used this exactly once, and found it completely uninteresting.
  • Custom workout creator: I like this feature a lot, but I never use it as much as I think I will. I know what my training plan is, and I also change things up a lot. I don't use the watch to hold me to pace, I listen to my body to do that.
The 3S, day to day, for everything other than power, is still an excellent device which I plan to continue to use. That might change as I use the 2 more, at which point I'll have to figure out whether anyone wants to buy a used, electric blue Ambit3 S. We shall see. What I find to be the most valuable metrics - for me, your mileage may vary (no pun intended!) - are:
  • Open water sighting
  • Open water total distance vs planned distance on races
  • Power metrics (which I don't have currently through Suunto, only through the Joule)
    • power on hills
    • power on flats
    • average vs normalized power
    • power vs temperature
    • power over time
    • power vs speed
    • power vs cadence
  • bike course distance
  • run course distance
  • run pace
  • run cadence
  • heart rate (training only)
That's what I look at after a race to see how I performed versus my plan. A lot of that I don't currently have in the 3S, but I will have in the 2. 

Happy tri'ing!

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