Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The big unveil....Triweaver!

After my long tour around the various activity planners, I had intimated on more than one occasion that I'd likely take my own crack at it. I'm happy to report this effort is largely complete, certainly good enough for a first release, upon which I'll build and make improvements. It's been a labor of love (it's completely free for users, so as far as anyone should be concerned, it always will be), and I've been using it for my own training for a few months now and I really dig it. Ta da!

The big unveil at last....Triweaver! Designed specifically for triathletes training with data, at launch it will support Garmin, Suunto, Trainerroad, and Strava. The star feature is the ability to plan workouts in weekly blocks and schedule them out in to the future, where the workout intervals are driven by percentages of your paces, which are collected automatically from your data. Once you create the sync relationships with your providers (a quick and easy process) and create your plan, Triweaver will tell you what to do when, and track your planned vs. actual results. I'll be 'reviewing' it using the same criteria I used on the other planners in a post coming up soon, but I think it offers everything folks like you and I are looking for.

Once we get past the initial release, I plan to make most of the libraries open source as well, to allow the amazing community of athlete software developers (there are a lot out there!) help extend Triweaver in new directions.

Have a jump over to today and get started!

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