Monday, January 5, 2015

Garmin Connect gnomes

Not to be outdone, Garmin Connect was on the fritz this weekend, following on the heels of Suunto's blackout. This wasn't nearly as bad; the service API was still available,  the web page server couldn't render the 'Modern' site content, but was fine with the 'Classic' site content, albeit slow. Judging by the error messages I saw, it was related to JBoss stability. I continue to marvel at the Java stack. Do you really need anything more than Tomcat? Is JBoss doing something worth $250K? Spend the same on a knockout Linux\Unix guy and some proper load balancing and let's discuss.

</nerd rant>

Swimming more frequently again, it's coming back slowly but surely. Today's 'oh yeah, I remember that!' moment was to keep the kick focused. Band drills in order soon. Immediately felt another anchor get lifted off. It's a lot easier to work on the swim when you've had the sensation of swimming fast without a ton of effort - which took years to get to. It's not so much muscle memory as it is sensation memory. I can feel each thing I do and it's effect on getting back to that.

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