Friday, August 22, 2014

Review: TruSox

I found myself shaking my head as I realized I was writing a review about socks. Really? What characteristics are there to socks? Fit, warmth, comfort came to mind. But then you start to break through on the thought of a sock and realize there's a lot more going on there than gets paid attention to. For instance, there's moisture retention, heat dissipation, chafing, blisters, know come to think of it, socks are pretty important. If I don't wear them - as I usually don't for sprints, 20% of the time I will come away with a blister. I discovered Wright socks last year as a go-to solution for preventing blisters, and I hadn't thought about socks since. If I wasn't getting a blister, that was great.

Along come TruSox. These guys think socks. The premise of the idea is that your socks are slipping around inside your shoe, and you're losing grip and expending unnecessary energy because of it. They look a lot like slippers:

The simplest way to summarize my first run in them? They WORK. It felt like the easiest run I've been on, but I was moving. I was worried they were going to be hot, but they were not. I'm pretty amazed by this pair of socks. They were all over the place in the latest World Cup, and I get why. They cost about half as much as a pair of shoes, but they WORK. You need these socks!!

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