Friday, January 9, 2015

Back in the saddle again...

First week around 500 load (488 as of today, but who's counting?) since last summer, and I seem to be holding up well. Of course after 3 weeks of it I'll appreciate the down cycle week, but at least today I seem to be absorbing it.

There's definitely still work to be done with Triweaver, I think more with how it displays the plan than anywhere else. Right now it only displays the name of the planned week, but I feel like laying some charts and images in there it will improve.

Garmin Connect continues to be fritzed, but as a Suunto guy I don't really care. I DO care that the new Fenix3 looks amazing, and my watch is still really really blue, but that's all I mind Garmin for at the moment. I continue to daydream that Suunto will step up in the data sharing department, it's a glaring oversight at the moment.